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Dr. Mingnan Chen and Peng Zhao shared their passion, accomplishments, and future plans of using vaccines and iTEP vaccine carriers to fight cancer on The Scope, the University of Utah Health Sciences Radio. 

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- Ph.D., Pharm.D., and undergraduate students to join our lab to research. 

March 4, 2019, our recent progress in pursuing a better therapy for autoimmune disease patients was published online on Nature Biomedical Engineering. This new research article suggested that it is possible to specifically deplete pathogenic immune cells causing autoimmune diseases while leaving normal immune cells untouched, a therapeutic option (an intelligent knight) long hoped by autoimmune disease patients. Here is a Behind The Paper blog for the "knight". 

January 25, 2019, our lab received a major funding (R01) from the NIH. This support allows us, together with our clinician, immunologist, statistician collaborators at the University of Utah and Ohio State University, to develop a more powerful and less deleterious treatment for autoimmune disease patients.