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July 1, 2019. We are grateful for a new funding support from the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society . This three-year funding will enable us to investigate the role of programmed death 1-positive (PD-1+) cells in MS. More importantly, we will utilize results of this investigation to develop a whole new therapeutic option to stop and reverse the progression of MS.  The urgent need of a new therapeutic option is evident by the request of those MS patients who read our recent publication.

January 25, 2019. Our lab received a major funding (R01) from the NIH. This support allows us, together with our clinician, immunologist, statistician collaborators at the University of Utah and Ohio State University, to develop a more powerful and less deleterious treatment for autoimmune disease patients. 

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According to our research article recently published on Nature Biomedical Engineering, it is possible to specifically deplete pathogenic immune cells that cause autoimmune diseases while leaving normal immune cells untouched. This therapeutic option (an intelligent knight) long hoped by autoimmune disease patients. Here is a Behind The Paper blog for the "knight".